Invited Speakers

Prof. Zhisheng Duan

Dept. of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering
College of Engineering, Peking University
Beijing, China

This talk discusses synchronization of complex networks and consensus of multi-agent systems in a unified viewpoint. First, some special problems in synchronization of complex networks are presented. Disconnected synchronized regions and interesting changes of H2 norm of complex networks are discussed in detail. Disconnected synchronized regions show the possibility of intermittent synchronization and that sometimes the eigenratio cannot be a sychronizability index. Second, consensus of multi-agent systems is discussed. The consensus region can be proposed by borrowing the idea of synchronization of complex networks. Finite-time consensus of a class of second order multi-agent systems and an application to satellite-formation are further presented. Finally, some relationships between synchronization of complex networks and consensus of multi-agent systems are discussed.

Prof. Adilson E. Motter

The Motter Group
Dynamics of Complex Systems and Networks
Department of Physics & Astronomy
Northwestern University, USA

Numerous systems are now modeled as complex networks of coupled dynamical entities. Nonlinearity and high-dimensionality are hallmarks of the dynamics of complex networks but have generally been regarded as obstacles to control. In this talk, I will discuss recent phase-space based approaches to control nonlinear network dynamics. The approaches are effective in large networks and even in the presence of strong constraints, noise, and uncertainty. I will also discuss applications to physical, biomedical, and ecological problems, including transient stability, drug target identification, cascade control, and network repurposing.